Massive Indie Book List Created from Twitter Authors

The current count of Indie books on this list is 309! Wow!

This is definitely a labor of love for me so if you want to help support me in any way, please consider a donation to my ko-fi account.

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Our Origin Story:

How did this list come to pass? Way back in April of 2019 I posted a Tweet that offered to read and review books for Indie Authors. I did this because getting reviews for an Indie Author is crucial for their success and I’m a huge supporter.

Well, I had no clue what would happen. When I woke up the next day I had almost 100 comments asking for a review! To say I had a mild panic attack would not be exaggerating. So I decided to create a list on my old WordPress website and then asked for help from the Twitter writing community in reviewing the books.

Since then I’ve asked for submissions twice and each time I had a hundred requests.

Why is my list so special? How am I different from other websites that have done the same thing? Basically, my only requirement is that you have to be an Indie Author and that means either self-published or published by a small publishing house. I have no restrictions on content or amount of submissions and most of all, I don’t charge anything to submit a request or maintain your book or page on my list.

So how do you search my pages?

I’ve separated books based on price. Example: If a book is free on Kindle Unlimited, even if it costs on Kindle or paperback, it will be listed on the page made specifically for books that are offered for free on Kindle Unlimited regardless of its other costs.

I also only listed each book on a single page. For instance, if a book is 0.99$ on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited it will only be listed on the page listing free Kindle Unlimited books. If a book is 0.99$ on Kindle and 2.99$ in Paperback it will only be listed on the page for books 0.99$-1.99$ on Kindle, etc.

This saves both of us time and allows for an individual experience on each page. Basically, it prevents duplicate posts.

This is a lot of work for one person and I do it because I want to support authors like me. Do I take donations? Yup. All-day, every day and twice on Sunday. Just click on my Ko-Fi link at the top of this page or you can select “Support CJ” from the top menu for other options.

This list is nothing without YOU, the reader. Grab a coffee, curl up with a blanket, power up that laptop or tablet, and choose your next favorite story from these pages. Just don’t forget to review whatever you read.

Much love.