How I Find Myself

You know those early morning hours?  When the air is crisp and wet and almost has a fresh lettuce taste with a hint of honey that sneaks through your nostrils and hits the back of your tongue.  The sun has barely peeked over the horizon and the light burns your eyes because you haven’t slept in days.  The sky fades from that rich velvet black to a blue so light it could pass for white and it’s met at the edge of the Earth by sleepy, green trees shading the light of that inconsiderate sun from your sleep deprived eyes.

When you walk down the path – it doesn’t matter where it is, in the middle of a quiet subdivision or a remote country road, the only noise is your breathing, the crunching of your feet meeting the ground, and maybe, just maybe, the occasional chatter of your teeth.  There is no other sound, but it’s not that fearful-look-over-your-shoulder lack of sound, it’s an emptiness of sound that is full of hope and possibilities.  This is the moment that so few  get to experience.  It is the sound of Nature rising from its slumber, previous days’ worries forgotten and forgiven, to start something new.

This is where I can find myself.